Monday, July 11, 2011

Some stitching

It is about time I posted a bit of stitching progress. I have been busy over the last few weeks working on the designs for our next stitching days in October. Here are some little sneak peaks of two of the projects! I need to be super organised as I am going on holidays before the days and need the notes and kits to be done hopefully before I go.

It was bitterly cold this weekend in Canberra so it was a good opportunity to work on the above projects and to also do a little on one of my BOMs. Here is block 3 of Christmas Fun. A usual it was stitched but need the pieced stars done!

I also had time to get Block 4 ready to applique and stitch and couldn't resist getting started. I gave my little angels some hair and appliqued faces which is a little different to the original pattern.


Raewyn said...

I love your littleChristmas tree - what a cutie!! The way you have done the angels' faces isgreat too. I love a cold or wet day when I don't feel guilty about sitting and stitching - glad you enjoyed yours :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the designs, Sylvia!

FloS said...

I love your angels !! I hesitate now how to do them...
Yours look more...friendly !