Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holiday stitching

I DID stitch while I was way. I took lots of easy stitching to do whenever and wherever possible! I wanted to get started on the gorgeous projects in Anni Downs' new book 'Some Kind of Wonderful'. We are doing them in classes next term so it would be nice if a few were finished. Now the stitching is done, I really need to get going on the "putting together"! I was hoping to do some today but haven't yet!
Here are the stitched bits. These little stitcheries are on the zippered project bag.
 This is the pin cushion stitching.
 This one goes on the travel folder.
 I a looking forward to putting this lovely bag together
 and this needlecase too.

 I managed to finish block 5 of Christmas Fun.
 This little purse was a delight to stitch and I quickly put it together to give to my daughter for her birthday on Tuesday.
 The only stitching I have managed to organise since I have been back is Christmas fun block 6 (I have already received block 7!).
All the other stitching, including the TTS stitch-a-long are waiting to be done. I am so far behind with everything!


Googy Girl said...

wow, how on earth did you manage to fit all that stitching in, after all you have seen and done... thanks for the regular updates i followed you along for the whole journey, even though after a while i just lurked

Chookyblue...... said...

you did well while away.......great to make use of the time sitting around........

FloS said...

Great job !!! I thought you were in vacations !!! ;)
I love your stitcheries !