Monday, November 21, 2011

A finish and some progress

I am so pleased to show you My Garden BOM all finished. Even the label is sewn on! I stitched the binding and added the buttons on Friday and am pleased with the result. My quilting is "OK" and will do! I will be able to put it on the finished list.
 The buttons really add a lot to the finished stitcheries.

 I am plodding along with the Teahouse and have worn a finger out over the weekend stitching the lettering. Will add a picture of that soon.
 Last week I started block 7 of In my Garden and here is the potting shed.
 Yesterday I appliqued and stitched the tomatoes and stakes.
 I also headed into the sewing room and put together blocks 5 and 9 of Vignette and traced the stitching on the pieced border. There is so much stitching on this quilt.


FloS said...

Bravo for all your work !!!

Cardygirl said...

Looks those staked tomatoes.