Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stitching on the Lake projects

I am back! We had a wonderful holiday away and I am looking forward to sharing some photos soon. Best share the projects for our first stitching day which is next Saturday, 17 March. Can't wait to see everyone. Fiona and I have created 6 lovely projects for you to enjoy. There is a stitched Noah's Ark cushion using a lovely stamp.
 Here is the canvas scissor keeper.
 This is the little zippered purse.
Here is the coloured and embroidered sewing pocket. Bring along some fabric to make your pocket so you can choose the colours of your threads.
Just what I needed on my holiday....a stitched shoe bag.
Here is the beautiful needle roll stitched on linen.
We hope that you find these pictures helpful as you plan what to start first on Saturday. Looking forward to another lovely, inspiring day of stitching.

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