Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Francisco

We have just competed day 2 of our time in San Francisco. We have had a lovely time! We had managed to sleep on the plane so we were able to do a bit sightseeing on Tuesday afternoon before an early night. We didn't do the sightseeing bus but it sets the scene for too many pictures of a great place to visit.
 We couldn't resist having another go on the cable car down to Fishermen's wharf.

 This is the view of one of the hills as I hung onto the side of the cable car.
 Fishermen's wharf is touristy but always a nice place to visit.

 Today we headed off to the bike tour we had booked. It was really good even though I had to ride a bike! We only had 4 people in the group which was good. We went to a wonderful market with delicious fresh produce. Tried some muscat grapes which were tiny but delicious.
 Here is our group in the Mission area which is where the settlement of San Francisco first started.
There was some amazing street art.

 Here is proof that I was there riding the bike. It was a very good bike as it was small and I could reach the ground very easily!
 That is me going down that hill! I had to walk up a few of the steeper ones.
 We saw lots of sights which we hadn't seen before. There was a group of art students here drawing this lovely old building based on the Brighton Pavilion.
 It was fun to see these lovely Victorian buildings, the painted ladies. You might recognise them from the show that my girls used to love called Full House.

 After the tour we walked back to our hotel and walked through the markets again.

 We also saw some of the buildings we had zoomed by on the bikes so it was nice to take some pictures.

 After all that exercise, we needed some lunch and we found this restaurant with a lovely courtyard out the back. The food was great too.

 We then headed back to Union square. This was a cute shop window on the way.
We then spent the afternoon shopping. The kids' clothes here are wonderful and very cheap so we stocked up on some bigger things for the little boys at Macys. What fun! We did look for us too and enjoyed the Skechers shoe shop. I also enjoyed looking at the fabric shop called Britex and stocked up on a few bits and pieces. We have a bit more time in the morning and then we get on the ship!


Susan said...

Looks like you're making the most of every minute. Thanks for the tour!

KarenG said...

WOW! you certainly made the most of your short time in beautiful San Francisco. So adventurous too to do the bike ride! Love all the photos, Karen Gav

Chookyblue...... said...

have fun I will enjoy all your pics........

Janelle said...

It's now Sunday 23rd.It took me a while to remember to check your blog! silly me! Thought you didn't have internet so I wasn't looking!Glad you are enjoying the trip. J xxx