Monday, December 10, 2012

Hobbysew Christmas party

There were an amazing number of guests at the Hobbysew Christmas party on Saturday. It was wonderful that so many wanted to come and we spilled out of the classroom into the shop. There was so much show and tell but as I was right out the back, it was hard to take too many photos. So many beautiful quilts and sewing projects, most made in classes at Hobbysew.

 This lovely quilt was quilted by the owner after a free motion class.
 Clare had a lovely quilt in the black and white challenge recently and also has been busy making some lovely puppets. This little lady is a little Root child from the book below. She has a bucket and paint brush to paint the bugs like the lovely little lady beetle in her arms. Clare even crocheted the hat with raffia.

After the show and tell, there was shopping to do as Hobbysew had specials just for the ladies at the party and there was delicious morning tea as well.

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