Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back home again...plus Hay and Hampton Court Castle

We are home again and have just had a nasty bug for the last few days along with some jetlag! We have not been too well! Finally feeling better today so thought I had best share a few more pictures of our last week in England. On Saturday, we wandered to Hay to enjoy and shop at their Food Festival. There were some delicious goodies for sale and we bought a few bits of cheese, meat, dips etc to enjoy over the time here. In the afternoon we had a bit of a relax and then took Gunnar, the very large dog, for a walk! He was really quite a friendly dog though could be a bit scary if you knocked at the front door. Here he is!
 He loves nothing better than running madly through the fields.

 The next day, Sunday, we headed to visit Hampton Court Castle which was quite an amazing place. It was built before Hampton Court palace so the name is rightfully theirs! It is an amazing place filled to the brim with armour, stuffed animals and other goodies bought by the wealthy American who restored it in the 90's. It is now used as a wedding venue and has amazing bedrooms etc. You can book the whole castle if you have a spare 10000 pounds!

 The gardens were just beautiful.

 We then headed for lunch in a pretty village called Eardisland and then visited another lovely village called Woebley.

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Michele Hill said...

Welcome home Sylvia! It has been wonderful following your blog and your photos have been sensational - so much inspiration for many quilt designs along the way! Make sure you turn your trip into a book with blogger - makes a great coffee table memento. Hugs from me xx