Sunday, September 15, 2013

Some stitching

When we headed to Sydney the other week, I had to find some stitching to work on in the car and while chatting with Ma and Pa. This runner by Gail Pan was one of the projects at Friends in stitches in July and now the stitching is finished. Must try and put it together instead of adding it to my basket of projects waiting to be sewn together!

 I did manage to sew these next few items together. Fiona and I made lots of projects for our retreat in August and I hadn't made up the bag, the pin cushion or the scissor keeper. I am teaching these projects along with the runner, quilt and folder cover in 4th term so needed the samples finished. Here is the front and back of the draw string bag.

 This is the pin cushion.
 It was fun stitching up the canvas work scissor keeper.
 I have also been doing some secret stitching for Stitching on the Lake in November. It is always fun making Christmas decorations!

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FloS said...

Lovely ! everything is so pretty !!