Friday, August 29, 2014

Little ones

It seems ages since I posted some pictures of Benny, Sammy and Alice. The boys are so busy now that it is hard for Pa to get good pictures of them. I love these ones of the 3 of them recently at home. We weren't there but so lovely to see them all together and to compare their sizes! Don't the boys look huge? They are getting heavy to carry now too!

 The little men have been sick this last week and it is so sad to see them under the weather. They came to visit on a sunny morning and enjoyed being outside.

 Little Alice is 11 weeks now and is so gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia what beautiful pics of your grandies,gee the boys have grown up so fast,they are handsome little men now and Alice is so adorable,what a pretty little girl,enjoy they grow up so fast ,my oldest is nearly 14 now and it only seems like yesterday i was holding her in my arms,lol,hope you have a wonderful weekend.xx

Janelle said...

Nice to see some photos of Alice. She is beautiful.