Friday, February 27, 2015

A bit of stitching, gorgeous smocking and the grandies..

In between secret stitching, I have been continuing to work slowly on Scandinavian Rose. Here is another block stitched.
 I also had fun stitching another little bug rattle by Melly and Me.
 At lunch on Wednesday, Barbara brought in these amazing dresses and tops which her very clever mum stitched in the 50s! Her dear Mum passed away last year in her 90s and had these beautifully stored and labelled for us to see. They are just so lovely.

 Our little miss is on the move!!!! Alice is crawling and so nothing is safe anymore. She is only 8 months and her Mummy didn't even move until she was 1.

 The little men are on the move! Sammy can manage this amazing big climbing equipment at the arboretum. Benny wasn't too sure.

Thankfully Mum was there to save the day.


barb's creations said...

Love your Scandinavian Roses block and isn't the smocking just beautiful! Love seeing how much your grandies are growing up :) Barb.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia love your stitching and that's mocking is beautiful and Miss Alice will be running around before you know it,lol.xx