Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Festival of Quilts

We were so lucky to have two days at the Quilt show. You need at least 2 days to see most of it. It was wonderful to see the Tentmakers of Cairo and their wonderful, vibrant quilts.

 The miniatures at the show were amazing. These quilts were so tiny!

 This stitching is all machined.

 The quilts on display were so varied. This is a beautiful memory quilt.
 These gorgeous quilts were by a French quilter and they were just amazing!

 Then there were lots of modern quilts too.

 It was exciting to see quite a few Australian quilts.

 These stitched and appliqued jumpers really caught my eye.

 This was another favourite with cross stitch, crochet and embroidered motifs added to a wonderful quilt.

 There were other designers too and Penny and I especially enjoyed one of the weaving stalls.
We did 2 classes which Penny chose! Both involved free motion quilting which is not one of my strong points. I should have taken pictures of Penny's samples as mine are not so good! Still it was fun to try a few new things. The first was a screen printed fern and then we quilted around it. 
 The second class was using special fabric that shrinks up after your stitch and iron it. The funny part of that class is that we have had that fabric at hobbysew for ages! Looks quite effective when quilted even by me! The shrinking hides the quilting a bit.


Radka said...

What a long journey you had! I am pleased that you had a good trip and I hope you have many wonderful memories.
I have just been catching up with your blog and just found out that you stopped in Somerset; Pylle is only about 2-3 miles from my house :-)

Janelle said...

Some very beautiful and creative work there.

Penguin said...

I will come back to this place, its huge and open, and have really tall ceilings. Wait staff was also pretty good. Bartender at event space Chicago was awesome and personable. I was really pleased with my party here. Ha! I highly recommend these guys.