Friday, September 25, 2015

Tulip Top Gardens

We headed out to Tulip Top gardens yesterday and even though it was very chilly, the sun was shining and the flowers were gorgeous. We enjoyed the sausage sandwich provided and then feasted on yummy food that everyone brought along. It was a lovely day out.
 We bumped into the birthday girl, Roz, there too!

 We were trying to remember when we went there before. It was in 2007! I was checking my blog books to find it but I didn't blog back then! Some of us were there both times.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia,wow the gardens are beautiful how lucky to spend time there with friends xx

FIONA said...

Looks like a lovely day Sylvia .... albeit a little chilly !! Where is summer????

Michele Hill said...

Wow Sylvia…….just amazing! Is this part of Floriade? It has been our bucket list for years!

Penny said...

I was there in 2007, looks more lovely than I remember!