Monday, April 25, 2016

Family picnic

It is a special holiday in Australia today as we remember the many who fought for our country, especially the Anzacs. We are so privileged to live in this wonderful country, especially me as I came as a migrant many years ago.
Nothing to do with Anzac day but on Saturday we headed to Bowral for a Frazer family picnic. It was a bit cool but we really enjoyed seeing everyone, especially the little people. I hadn't met some of the newest little ones. I came up with Amy and the boys and that was much better than expected. There were a few "Are we there yet" and "It is a very long way!" comments but overall we managed with food, movies and a quick stop at McDonalds on the way.
Thanks to Aunty Deirdre for organising the day and to all those who were able to come. We missed the many great grandchildren who live too far away or were unable to come. Here are a few photos of the fun that was had. Trying to get a group photo of the little people was a bit tricky!


Unknown said...

Lovely photos. Sue

Unknown said...

lovely photos. Sue

Janelle said...

Great pics, Sylvia. Just only remembered to have a look at your blog!