Thursday, July 14, 2016

Family Times

Last Friday, the little men turned 4. How amazing to think it is 4 years since they arrived as such tiny little bundles of joy. They are now big, busy little boys! We had a little family celebration on Saturday afternoon and the partying goes on with a "real" party next Sunday.

We also had a special time this week as Ma came to visit. It has been a very chilly week with snow on Wednesday but we were able to keep Ma warm. She had a lovely time catching up with the great grandchildren.
 Our little Jack is sitting and now has 2 teeth.

Alice enjoyed seeing Ma too.

Here is a picture of the snow on the ground on Wednesday!


Smily said...

Thank you for sharing suh nice and warm pictures! Being with your family is one of the most precious treasures of our life, indeed.
And ... snow?? now??

Penny said...

Good to see Ma looking so well. Hope it has warmed up a bit for you. We had summer this week. Gone now! Lovely to see the photos of the little ones,how they grow so quickly!