Friday, March 24, 2017

Lovely weekend away

Last Friday I headed to the coast for our annual retreat at the coast. Twelve of us enjoyed a rainy weekend of relaxing, too much delicious food, puzzles (not me), lots of chat and a bit of stitching for a few of us. We did manage a walk or two in between the showers and some swam in the pool and at the beach (again not me as it was not warm enough). Here are some of the treats we managed to share over the weekend.
 The puzzlers planned to do all these puzzles. They did finish lots.
 The beach looks good in these photos but it was very churned up and there was lots of foam on the sand.

 Here are some of the brave girls who went into the chilly pool.

Here we all are just before we headed home. Monday was a lovely sunny day!

We stopped and Kangaroo Valley for lunch and enjoyed a lovely look at the shops.

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