Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Saint Leon sur Vezere, La Roque Saint Christophe and Lascaux 2

On Friday, 7 April, we had another busy day. First we enjoyed the lovely sunshine and had coffee at Saint Leon sur Vezere. It was another gorgeous village.

We then headed to La Roque Saint Christophe which are trogolyte houses that were built into the rocks. Firstly they were used to defend the river from the Vikings and other invaders and then they were lived in till the 16th century. The following two photos are of models of how these villages would have looked!

Our last adventure in the Dordogne took us to Lascaux and we went down into a full scale model of the famous rock paintings that were found here years ago. Sadly the originals have been damaged and you can no longer view them but the copies were amazing. It is hard to imagine prehistoric man going into such dark caves to paint pictures of horses and other animals. You can see some of the images on the Lascaux website.
On Saturday we packed up our apartment, went wandering in the Sarlat market again and had a delicious coffee and cake at our favourite patisserie. We then took Penny and John back to Bordeaux for their flight and we headed on to Tours for the next part of our trip.

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Chookyblue...... said...

OMg there is just nothing like this in Australia.....keep up the pics........