Friday, June 16, 2017

Stitching and knitting..

Winter is certainly here! The last two days have been very cool here and the sun has taken a while to come out. Excellent knitting weather! I knitted this shawl with my beautiful Debbi Bliss wool that I received for my birthday. I used a free pattern on Ravelry called Azzu's Shawl though did make it larger. The wool is so soft and warm.
 I just loved stitching this latest part of Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs and did another block of United stitching too.

 Lovely to see what the class ladies have been making. Paddy is making a gorgeous bag by Anni Downs. This cute bunny will be on the front.
 Lynne has been very busy too making this delightful zippered pouch and the bags below! What a wonderful collection of bags you must have, Lynne.

 Jayne has been very busy foundation piecing her little houses for the latest button club by Lynette Anserson, Seaside Town.

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