Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Canberra Quilt Show

Last weekend the Canberra Quilt and Craft show was on and it was fun to go on Friday and then again on Sunday. The craft show is small but there were still some nice stalls to visit. It was lovely to see Cutting Cloth from Melbourne, BeBe bold and also to see some lovely wool on sale too. The Canberra quilters had a lovely display of quilts from their members and also from all over Australia. Enjoy these pictures of some of the quilts.
Star Link but Pamela Brockwell.
 Ormiston Gorge by Helen Godden is quite amazing. I gather she managed to sew by machine using quite thick wool.

 This quilt was a round Robin quilt made by a group of clever quilters.

 Iggy by Bronwyn Hill was quite intriguing.

 I loved this quilt made with 30s fabric by Elaine White. It is called Thirties Square Dance.
 Karin Malmberg has done a lovely job of this quilt.

 This quilting on this one by Lynda Nikolovski is amazing.
 This wonderful mixed media quilt won first prize and so it should have. Well done, Dorothy Clee.

 Another one by Helen Godden.
 This one caught my eye as well. It is called Kross Kut Kaffe and was created by a clever group from the Modern Quilting group.

 Lovely to see this fun quilt by Linda Wilson. I know Linda's son loved this Simpsons' quilt.
 There were also the Best of Australia quilts. This one is by Rachelle Denneny.
 The next two are from the themed challenge quilts for the AQC. They were all very interesting. This is Hello Possums by Jeannie Henry.
 And this one is Kangaroo and Wattle by Linden Lancaster.
There were so many inspiring quilts!

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