Friday, March 30, 2018

Some finishes..and a gift

Lovely to see Jayne's lovely bag all finished last Wednesday. This is one of Fiona's patterns and I am sure Jayne was only cutting out felt pieces last week! I do love the blue hanky linen that Jayne has used for the background.
 Anita also came into class with her Marg Low mat all finished. Looks beautiful.
 I had a full day at home last Tuesday and managed to head into the sewing room. So worthwhile as I sewed together this little bag. It was a lovely Shepherds bush pattern and I had a kit.
 I also sewed my Anni Downs purse together as well.
 My other Tuesday achievement was to add the buttons to this little cardigan for Miss Alice.
So special to catch up with Penny and John from the UK last week and Penny brought me the little house on the right! I love and collect little houses. We think it is the Bridge house which you can see in Ableside in the Lake District. The little one beside it is from Cornwall.The third one was a gift from a friend who went to Africa.

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I love all the projects, the bag at the top is beautiful :)