Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Indian Pacific

We enjoyed our days on the Indian Pacific and were amazed at the huge country we live in. The scenery was amazing and even the Nullarbor was interesting too. The food on the train was great and it was interesting getting off at the various stops on the way. My only complaint was that I didn't sleep that well on the train. It certainly didn't rock me to sleep. Here is a map of the journey.

The first place we visited was Kalgoorlie at 9pm at night. It was a bit strange driving around the quiet town in the dark. We visited the mine and saw a play and some huge trucks!

 We then travelled overnight and had breakfast at Rawlinna, which is a large sheep station. It is hard imagining living here.

 In the afternoon we stopped at Cook which is now just a refueling stop for the train. It used to have a population of 200 and had a school, a hospital and prisons too.

We continued overnight and were in Adelaide for breakfast. We went on a walking tour in the drizzly rain. It was very good and the breakfast provided was yummy too.

 We did spot some wildlife from the train.
 We then stopped in Broken Hill and we chose to go to the lovely art gallery. We enjoyed the champagne, canapes and the art and then walked back down the street to the train.

On the last norning we were to go on a Blue Mountains walk but the weather forecast was chilly and rain so we decided to head back to Sydney. We had a quick lunch with Ma and then headed home. I must admit I slept very well in my own bed.