Monday, February 25, 2019

Some stitching and a party

A few more blocks have been completed for Stitch Therapy 365. These are fun to stitch.

 I am also slowly making these blocks for the borders of  Here, There and Everywhere. They are easy to make but you can't rush these things!
 Our church turned 90 this last weekend and so we had a Gatsby evening. Quite a few people dressed up which was fun. I borrowed my gear from a friend of a friend!

 Janelle, my sister in law, and Caroline and I were tasked with decorating the hall. None of us are terribly good at flower arranging but it all worked out ok. Janelle managed to borrow vases, beads and fake flowers so it was all quite festive in the end.

Yesterday we had an amazing service which included some wonderful music from the last 90 years! We even had trumpets, violins and drums to go with the organ, guitars and piano. The choir sang beautifully too. After the service this photo was taken to replicate one taken on the same day in 1929. There weren't many suits or hats in this one!

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