Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Quilts etc

It was very exciting last week to pick up 4 quilts from the quilter! So good to be getting some of these older projects finished. I had Here, There and Everywhere basted for hand quilting. The other three were the Splendid Sampler, Teddies Garden Treasures and the baby quilt I stitched in 2005! The last, Golden slumbers, is a lovely pattern by the late Vivian Robinson.
 This one is Teddy's Garden Treasures designed by Libby Richardson. The stitching was done on time in 2006. This week I have bound it and made a label.

 Here is Golden Slumbers. I am working on the label now. I even pieced the back.

 Finally I am still slowly working on Fairy Kisses.

 We enjoyed a lovely stitching night at Maree's recently. She has been busy and has finished all of these great projects.

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