Tuesday, July 20, 2021


 I have been working on all sorts of projects lately. I am still quilting my The Santa, the Tree BOM slowly. I have completed my 25 little advent bags which is good as there were so many to sew!! Here are the last three.

These stitcheries were completed last year from the Love and Hugs Facebook page. Nice to see them pieced and ready to quilt.
This is a very old project and I am not sure it is going to work. 30 years ago I knitted the fronts and back of this cardigan. I have knitted some sleeves, different pattern as they were very retro and gathered, so will be interested to see if it all goes together and works!
Margaret has completed some lovely projects over the last few weeks. I do love this little zippered pouch and the great Christmas serviette holder.

Roni has been busy making these delightful baubles!!!

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