Monday, May 10, 2010

More of Wednesday girls' lovely work

Donna brought in her french knot picture, which had been beautifully stitched and framed. We did this technique in a class years ago and a few of us thought we ought to do another picture sometime.
In the evening, lots of the girls had been finishing their stitching day projects. Here is Linda's canvas needle roll! Fantastic colours, Linda.
Margaret had finished her notebook cover as well.
I think these are Margaret and Linda's bookmarks. Sorry if I have that wrong. Don't they look good. The flower button looks good painted and left as is.
Sue is a wonderful knitter and brought along this fabulous felted bag that she had made. She knitted it and then embroidered the circles and then felted it. Feel like getting those knitting needles out and making one of these. I think the pattern was in the Homespun magazine recently!

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Penny said...

Love the quilt Sylvia. Shall have to get mine done and bring it next year for Robyn to work her majic on.