Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little bag finished

This is what happened to the little felt stocking I stitched a little while ago. I am enjoying making these little projects from the Quilt a Gift book.
The vine is stitched.
And here is the little Christmas gift bag. The top looks a little wonky!
I am having a rare at home day today and have managed to waste it so far. I have completed one load of washing (or the machine has and I haven't hung it up yet) and I have made the bed but other than that not much has been accomplished. I think the thought of a day at home makes me "go slow"! I have written a list so best go and start it. I'd like to get my Gardener's Journal block for this month put together TODAY!

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FIONA said...

This is really cute Sylvia - enjoy your day of rest! I am too!!