Thursday, July 29, 2010

Special Celebration

We had a lovely day last Saturday celebrating the return for a week of my nephew, Stuart, and his wife Cherie. They live in Korea at the moment and were married there last year and are here for a week's holiday. We didn't get to go to the wedding so it was special to have a family celebration for them in Sydney. They came dressed in traditional Korean clothing and then changed later.
Here are some of the cousins enjoying each other's company. They were able to sit outside as it was so much warmer than here in Canberra.
Here we all are. We are very blessed with such a special family. I am not sure that wearing red was such a good idea! I didn't match with everyone else.
We had yummy desserts cooked by Auntie Jeni and Ma.
Ma had fun icing the cake. Deirdre is showing us how lovely it is! I gather there was some trouble with the icing equipment.
Stuart and Cherie didn't mind cutting it and we all enjoyed eating it.