Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We had the most magnificent day in the fjords of New Zealand. It was chilly but there was no rain. Here we are heading into Milford Sound.
Ma, Pa and Paul on the deck watching the scenery with Jeni and I in the reflection. Pa loved sitting on these timber benches.
Here are a few more Milford Sound.

Here we are leaving New Zealand and are heading back to Australia. We had two lovely, relaxing sea days to enjoy.


Patty C. said...

Beautiful photographs - thank you so much for sharing

Grethe said...

What great landscape-pictures!
When first reading "Fjordland" I really thought you were visiting
Norway,looks alike from some pics from our fjords:-) But still winter here for some time a long time.

Tatkis said...

Beautiful pictures! Oh, Milford Sound, wonderful place...
Thank you for sharing!

Best wishes,

Durimarochka said...

Beautiful foto! Thank you for sharing!