Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ballet Russe at the National Gallery

Adrienne, Hilary and I went to the National Gallery over a week ago to see the Ballet Russe exhibition. It was amazing to see the colours of the costumes but also to see how they are decorated. They were often painted and many were embroidered and appliqued. The photos don't do them justice but give a little idea of how beautiful these costumes are. Some of them are over 100 years old.

Had to put this one in as it was a favourite even though it is blurry.

We really enjoyed seeing this exhibition and enjoyed trying to work out how the costumes were decorated. We also enjoyed lunch at the gallery as well.


Suedio said...

Hi Sylvia

Everyone I know who's been to the exhibition have said how good it was . . . and nice to spend the day with friends too!

Enjoy your weekend. Sue

catita said...

hi Sylvia!
I will bring the catalogue for you this wednesday, so you can have a quick look
I was extremely lucky to visit conservation due to my love, however very poor skills in sewing and embroidery
I spent some time with them and they explain many things about how they "repair" many of these costumes.
sylvia, you had been naughty again!