Monday, February 14, 2011

A mistake!

How irritating! I traced this My Garden block onto the wrong side of the fabric! I know you probably can't see any difference but there is. I have done this once before with this fabric (gorgeous fabric by French General) and felt OK as that is going to be my quilt label. But to do it again was extremely frustrating. The little stitchery won't be wasted but I didn't feel like stitching it again.
Here it is half done for the second time.
Hope everyone else is having better luck with their stitching. I am trying to keep up with my BOMs as my new one from Anni Downs, In my Garden, appears to be on its way. Can't wait to see the fabrics.

1 comment:

Suedio said...

Well, front or back, they both look pretty good to me!

Remember to breathe now, Sylvia, and smile!!!

Regards, Sue