Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gorgeous knitting and March SKOW

I headed off to my Book Club last night which is always a pleasure, even if you are tired from work! Vicki was hosting the meeting and she is the most amazing knitter. Vicki joined a knitting group, like a BOM, but you received a kit and knitted one block a month. This photo is just half of the blanket she will make with her blocks. Lots of different stitches and techniques were used.

 She is also working on the borders for this lovely knitted blanket. It looks just like a patchwork quilt!
 After seeing all that is what I have managed to do! Here is the top border of Some Kind of Wonderful. I don't always feel like sewing the borders but know that I will be happy later on when the quilt can just be sewn together and quilted.

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