Saturday, June 23, 2012

Skype stitching and some show and tell

I was supposed to be in England this week and had planned to enjoy a stitching day with the girls in Hay. They looked like they had a lovely day together. Good food and company and enjoyed making the kits that I sent by post! They were making the projects Fiona and I did at the last stitching day here in Canberra. Here are some photos they put on facebook. I can't seem to get them to go where they are supposed to!
Coffee and cakes-yummy
Betty's lovely heart
Jeanette's Noahs ark
Gilly's shoe-fantasy???????
Wies can do more than wooly things!
Getting ready

I came home at 10pm and had a chat with them on skype! So glad they all had a lovely day and wish I had been there.

 I couldn't resist starting my new scarf. Lovely coloured wool though I took me a few goes to get the hang of the pattern.
 Barbara brought this wonderful quilt she has made for us to see. Lots of tricky cutting and piecing. Well done Barbara.
I forgot to show this lovely block finished recently by Karen. 

Karen has planned what she is using for her centre block of My Town. Looks great. She is going to add a few other things and some embroidery so it will be lovely when finished.


Susan said...

Lots of lovely projects happening. I really like your scarf - it looks so soft.

Penny said...

We had a really good time Sylvia, thanks so much for the work you put in. Skyping was great but not so great as having you here. Hopefully next year!