Saturday, July 28, 2012

I forgot the food....

I completely forgot to mention all the lovely food we enjoyed at Urban stitches. We were at the Novatel and lunch was delicious. There were yummy salads and hot dishes but the desserts were amazing! What a shame you can't taste each one!

 Last week, little Audrey came to stitching. She comes most weeks and it is so lovely to see her growing and changing. We just loved seeing the little dress that Mummy appliqued for her!
Aunty Paddy can't resist giving her lots of cuddles!
There is a chance that our little grandbabies might be coming home on Sunday! How very exciting. 


Susan said...

You could almost forget the stitching and just eat the desserts! It's important to start future patchworkers early.

Anonymous said...

yummy Slyvia,what temptation,and what a cute baby,hope you got a visit from your grandies.xx