Friday, July 27, 2012

Last pictures of Urban stitches

Here are a few more pictures of our day at Urban stitches. We enjoyed the day of stitching with these lovely ladies. It was great getting to know you.

 Melly, Rosalie and Leanne tried to get round to visit each table. Here we are with Leanne.
 There was so much to see but the Show and tell was a highlight. This lovely stitchery was one of last years' projects by Leanne. It has been done in slightly softer colours. I bought a kit with the original threads but might be tempted to stitch in these ones.....they do look like me!
 Here are just a few of the gorgeous quilts that were shown.
 This quilt was wonderful. The little pieces were only 1/2" squares!
 The same lady also make this hexagon quilt using 1/2" papers. Absolutely amazing.
 One of the highlights of the day was seeing the Vignette quilt in real life! Leanne had it with her and we were able to see the quilt so far! I have 3 sides done and have just started piecing the middle. It was motivating to see it.
 Just to prove that the little fellows are growing! Here they are and we were able to have a little cuddle. They are still in hospital but might be out next week. This is Ben with me.
 Lyndal is feeding little Sammy his vitamins.


Susan said...

Glad to see those precious little boys doing so well. Your Urban Stitches pics are so tantalizing!

FIONA said...

Sooooo cute Sylvia!! And Urban Stitches seems like years ago now!! Looking forward to doing it again in 2013!! Cuddle those precious little bundles for me!! xx