Monday, November 12, 2012

Gorgeous sewing box and a picnic

Brenda brought her sewing box, from the retreat,  to show me on Thursday. She has done the most wonderful job with lots of extra special features. This is the lid with a special cat button added to it.
 Inside the lid is padded for your pins.
 Inside the box, it is lined with pockets for your pens and scissors.
 She also covered the outside with patchwork and stitching as well! Well done, Brenda.
 Sunday here in Canberra was a beautiful day. It wasn't hot but just right for a picnic with friends from church.
 We took the ferry to Springback Island which is in the lake.
 Tried to get a photo of these little fellows smiling!
 We had a lovely picnic and then headed back through the spray of the fountain. The kids on board loved that bit!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous box,well done Brenda,and what a beautiful day with friends.xx

Susan said...

Brenda's project box is gorgeous. And a beautiful day out.