Monday, November 26, 2012

Stitching on the Lake Day 2

We had another lovely day of stitching again on Saturday. Here are the bags all ready to go.
 The samples were ready.
 Terrie and Najelle set up the hobbysew stall beautifully with lots of goodies to tempt the ladies.

 Little Heidi came along for her first stitching day and she was such a good little girl for her Mummy and Grandma.
 Here are the ladies busy stitching.

 There was some beautiful show and tell too. This sewing box from the retreat looked just lovely.
 This zippered purse looks great too.
 Roni had finished her Christmas cushion from last year and it looks lovely too. She added an extra stitched heart to make her stitchery larger.
 Ros came with lots of scissor keepers all finished! She must own lots of lovely scissors.
 The food was delicious once again. This was afternoon was so yummy. Fiona has some pictures of lunch and morning tea on her blog. Thanks to Lynne and Sammy for the wonderful catering.
 Two lovely little boys, and Mummy too, came to visit on Sunday afternoon and they were sitting in the pram like big boys! They liked seeing everything and sitting up. Here is Sam in the pram.
 Ben was terribly cute on Sunday. Here he is sitting up in a chair.
 Sammy was very good and slept so the photos ended up being of his non sleeping brother!

How cute is he with those great big blue eyes. I know. I am biassed!

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