Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stitching, a bike....and little boys

As you can see from my sidebar, I have joined Chooky's Stitch-a-long again this year and the projects are all smaller ones instead of a quilt. I am happy about that as I have too many large quilts to complete this year.  This little thread catcher was the project for January and it was so quick and easy. I did mine using squares of French general and some other reds. It is a project from the Red Home book.
 I have also been working on the pin cushion in the book for classes in Term 1. It has lovely little 1/2" hexagons on it. They are quite small but were OK to do with the glue pen.
 Here is the side with the appliqued house all quilted.
 This is the side with the words.
 Here it is finished! It is so cute and little.

 I have also been busy and quilted and bound this lovely, Anni Downs' hanging from the Homespun earlier in the year. It is ready for next Christmas!
 I popped into social stitching for just a few minutes yesterday and Doreen had this wonderful quilt to show the ladies. It is made from cotton shirting fabric and looks great. Doreen made 2 of these for her twin sons for Christmas.
 I also received my Christmas present in the post yesterday! I know it is a bike and means I will need to ride it. But it is so cute and just my size and very "girly" and I feel quite inspired to ride it!

 These little fellows were the reason I didn't get to stitching. They just popped in for a little visit. They are nearly 6 months old!


Susan said...

Your projects are beautiful. I just love that little pincushion. Your bike looks very need for fluoro Lycra there.

FIONA said...

Gorgeous thread catcher and pincushion Sylvia !! I'm impressed with the bike ... as long as Bruce doesn't expect you to ride 30km with him all the time!! Very nice ... looks like you will have a lovely time cycling to the shops to put a few small things in that basket!! And the boys are just too too cute for words!! xx

Chookyblue...... said...

great thread catcher and pincushion.....the boys have grown so much in the 6 months.......

Suedio said...

Sylvia, you'll be able to put some stitching in the basket and then cycle over to see the boys!!

Very cute bike (and lovely stitching, too).

blueberrylane said...

Love your new bike, especially the basket. That cute little pincushion is going on the to do list.