Monday, January 28, 2013


It is the Australia Day public holiday here in Australia. Happy Australia day to my Aussie readers. Hope you have had a happy weekend. We had terrible storms here in Canberra on Saturday night with blackouts and some leaks in our house. The rain bucketted down and the winds were blowing and it was a little scary. No real damage other than wet towels but lots of people were far worse off. 
I have been trying to get a little stitching done. With the power off to the sewing room I must admit I did spend a lot of time reading my book! I did finally go in and did a bit of cutting for the quilts for Ben and Sam. They must be done for the winter! I haven't felt motivated to do them. I have decided to do all sorts of blues with red for the patchwork between the stitcheries.

 I did finish the stitching on this Rosalie Quinlan design last week. Such fun to just stitch in one colour.
 I have also been plodding along with the green stems on the Vignette centre. They are nearly done and then it is onto the satin stitch dots!


Susan said...

Weird weather everywhere at the moment, glad you're ok. Lots of lovely projects underway, those stitcheries will make such cute quilts for the boys. I loved the wreath stitchery too, so relaxing.

FloS said...

So funny Sylvia !! I'm stitching Rosalie Quinlan wreath these days !!!
But you are way ahed of me !!