Monday, February 4, 2013

Pa's 85th birthday

We headed to Sydney to visit Pa and Ma because it was Pa's 85th birthday. I went up a few days earlier with Janelle to spend some time with Ma and Pa and then the rest of the family (the oldies!) came on Saturday to celebrate the special birthday. Pa did really well with all the busy times and enjoyed his birthday on Friday and then the little party on Saturday.

 Here we all are in the garden for a family photo. I look quite tall as I was up the hill!
 Great to see Deirdre busy with her knitting for her first little grandchild due fairly soon.
 This little fellow came to visit too and had a wonderful time in Ma's bird bath. Thanks to hubby for the lovely pictures.


Susan said...

Happy Birthday...85 is a fine achievement, and how lovely that you could all celebrate with him.

Suedio said...

Sylvia, what a joy that you all spent time with Pa for his 85th! I'm sure you all made some treasured memories.

Chocolate Cat said...

Looks like a lovely celebration.