Friday, February 22, 2013

Third class on the ship

Our third class on the ship was with Gary Clarke. When we booked we weren't sure how this lovely scissor fob was created but we really enjoyed this project. We were given 3 printed pieces and worked on the smallest one to make the scissor fob. We were encouraged to use our own choice of colours and also choose from some recommended stitches to stitch the lines and fill in the background. The needle was tiny and we were using only 1 thread but the result is lovely. Here are Fiona and I with Gary.
 This is Gary's original scissor fob.
 Here is mine so far. I have done a little more since then and it is fun to do. Check out the tiny needle.
 This is how Gary stitched one of the large pieces. I am looking forward to doing these too.
 We were stitching near the pool one day and Rose came to sit with us. She was finishing off her beautiful gold work!
 All too soon the holiday was over. We really enjoyed the experience. For a cruise with few ports of call, the stitching really filled in the days. We learnt lots from the tutors and enjoyed the classes very much. It was special to make new friends and to meet so many like minded stitchers.
Isn't the ship huge? This was the view from the quay.

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