Friday, February 8, 2013

More inspiration

On Wednesday evening, there were even more lovely finishes! Margaret has finished her Starry starry night top. I love this quilt and mine hangs over my red lounge but I do know how long it took me to make!!!! So many 2 1/2" squares! It looks fantastic.

 Barbara has been busy too and made this great strippy quilt using a French General jelly roll. I do love FG fabrics!
 We were also amazed to see Judy's finished quilt. She has embroidered, pieced and quilted this quilt for her niece! It is beautiful.
 Even the back is pieced so it can be reversed.
 Her embroidery is just beautiful.

 Minded these little fellows on Wednesday while Mummy went to Zumba (she prefers excercise to stitching!). Got a hesitant smile out of Ben as he was a bit sad.....perhaps teeth....who knows!
 Sammy was just his happy little self and managed to sleep till Mum came home!
Best get off the computer as I have some dreaded housework to do, shopping to get and then a bit of packing to do! I am going away on Sunday. Can't wait to tell you all about it tomorrow.


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh those boys are gorgeous!

Googy Girl said...

What a gorgeous post, your boys are just delightful and the quilt devine