Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adrienne's sewing box and Enlighten

Had a lovely afternoon on Friday stitching with Adrienne. It was great to see what she had been working on and to see her finished sewing box from last year's retreat! She has done a beautiful job.

 Even the inside has been finished off so well with handy pockets for her sewing goodies.
 Hubby went out on Sunday night to photograph the Enlighten buildings. I was lazy and stayed home but after seeing the pictures, I should have gone with him. Each building is lit up with lots of different images and they look fantastic. This is the National Library.

 The portrait gallery was lit up too.

 There were great Toulouse Lautrec images on the Art Gallery.

 The high Court was all lit up.
 I love the colours on the water in front of Old Parliament House.

Well worth seeing even in photographs!!!


Susan said...

Great photos Sylvia. You will have to go next time.

Christine M said...

The sewing box is just lovely!

Gina E. said...

I'm so glad you posted these photos. A friend of mine went there and was telling me about it, but she didn't have any photos. I just couldn't visualise what she was explaining, but now I see the light (excuse the pun!)