Monday, March 11, 2013

Stitching....and boys

Lynn came along to class last week with her gorgeous hexagon pencil case all finished. Fantastic job, Lynn.
 Margaret has been busy too and has made this lovely quilt with machine pieced hexagons using Anni Downs' gorgeous fabrics.
 I finally sat down on Friday when I had the whole day almost all at home and put together this little block for Ben and Sam to share. I had stitched it years ago when I went to the Immerse stitching day in 2010! It is a Melly and Me pattern.

 Last year at Urban stitching in Melbourne, I stitched Rosalie Quinlan's Urban stitching set. Here they are finally put together. I changed the background colour as the aqua was very bright! The bag just needs some cord. I also changed the bag and pin cushion stitcheries around and used the bigger one on a larger bag.

 I can't resist showing you the boys from a visit on Saturday.
 Benny so wants to crawl!


Susan said...

Beautiful projects Slvia. The pencil case is gorgeous. Rosalie's set is such a lovely stitchery design. The boys are growing up fast, very cute.

FloS said...

Your set is beautiful !!
I love your cube too ! The boys will love it !
And congratulations for the new born of the family !

KarenG said...

Just love your completed projects Sylvia - your colours are gorgeous. Lynn's pencil case - WOW she completed it so quickly and her hexigons are perfect. Love the latest photos of your beautiful boys! Karen