Monday, May 27, 2013


We have had a lovely time in Dijon and were supposed to be in Vezelay  now, BUT when we went to pick up the car we had booked (and paid for] we discovered that the car hire place isn't open on Sunday. Very frustrating. We have managed to get another room in Dijon and are hoping that we can get our car in the morning! Otherwise, our stay here has been delightful. It is a beautiful place with lovely buildings, very good restaurants and food and good museums as well. Here are some of Bruce's photos of Dijon. These are gargoyles on one of the cathedrals.
 There are many very old half timbered houses and lots of historical buildings throughout the centre of the town.

 We went to a museum in the Palais des Ducs which was an impressive building and had many beautiful paintings, statues and historical pieces.
 This was one of the ceilings.
 Here I am having a rest!


FloS said...

Hi Sylvia ! I'm glad you like Dijon ! IT's a beautiful city ! I think you will like Beaune too... I regret so much not being able to see you !!! It is really cold, isn't it ! but it is absolutely unusual ! we should have 10 more degrees !!!
Have a good week !

Janelle said...

Not a bad little place to spend an extra day in! Hope the car rental works out..... and keep warm! xx

Michele Hill said...

Love your photos Sylvia...have a fab time
hugs michele xx