Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some stitching and little boys

It has been another busy week but there has been a little stitching done. I finally put together my Some Kind of Wonderful bag last weekend. I had done the stitching quite a while ago so it was good that the Stitch-a-long blog had this project for this month. Here it is all finished.
I also managed to finish knitting my slippers and they had to spend quite a long time in the washing  machine to felt down to the right size but now they fit!
The Wednesday lunch girls have been stitching with Heather over the last few weeks on a Thursday night. We are making some evening bags and mine is very colourful but I think it will be OK. We pieced the background and then appliqued some felt leaves and added some embroidery. We even learnt how to sew on the little mirrors! I have since added a few more and they are a bit better than the first ones.

On Wednesday Doreen (our lovely felted slipper tutor) had this gorgeous bag with her. I do love the French General fabrics and the lovely embroidery in the centre and the use of braid too.
 Then I had best share a few little boy pictures! They had a very big trip to Sydney yesterday to see Ma and Pa. I gather they had a lovely time. Sammy managed to attack Ma's Maiden hair fern, tried to turn the TV on and attempted to pull the tablecloth off!

The bags are getting slowly packed as we are off overseas on Thursday. It seemed our holiday was so far away and then, here we are, only 4 sleeps away!


Lyndal said...

I can't believe you are away on Thursday! Great photos of the boys. Missing you! Lyndal

FloS said...

Your bag is great !! I haven't finished the stitchery yet !!
Don't forget to bring your warm slippers ! Here it's so cold !!! It was never like that !!!
Have a good trip !

sue janssens said...

Have a wonderful trip, catch up soon. Sue J.

sue janssens said...

Have a wonderful trip, catch up soon. Sue J.