Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A bit of stitching.....

It is holidays here and even though I haven't had classes there hasn't been too much time for stitching. I did manage to add the beads to the end of my scissor holder and to the little scissor keep on Monday. That makes this project, from last year's cruise, completely finished

 I have also been working on Chateau Hexagon as I so wanted to keep up with this one. Here are the 7 blocks so far. Adding the little hexagons to the background was time consuming and I think mine stretched a little. Must be more careful about the straight grain of the fabric!

 The other job that has kept me busy are these kits for the cruise that Fiona and I (and many other teachers) are teaching on in February. Not long to go now till we leave!

 We have been doing a little baby sitting too. This was last week when it was cool in the morning.
 Today we minded them all day and we stayed mostly indoors as it was very hot. Just feeling a little weary now after a busy but delightful day.


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful work there Sylvia and I always enjoy seeing pics of your little men.xx

Michele Hill said...

Love, love, love your scissor holder and keep Sylvia……..and those delicious boys of course! Hi from a VERY HOT Adelaide! xx