Monday, January 20, 2014

Stitching and boys

Not much to show at the moment of stitching progress as I have been doing some secret designing for our next stitching days. That may sound crazy as they are in late April and May but as I am going to be away a bit this coming term, I need to get organised! I am feeling very good as I have stitched 2 of my 3 projects and have almost written the instructions (which really is the hard bit for me!). It was good fun doing a little cross stitch.
 You know how much I enjoy working with felt and this project has been fun to make.
 My only other progress is on this block of Scandinavian Rose. I must admit I lost my incentive with all the red stitching but am enjoying it again now. It is easy to pick up whenever as you don't have to find lots of threads. Not far to go on this block now.
 We have been having some lovely times with these little men. They came over yesterday for a little swim and a play on another hot day here in Canberra.
 Little Benny is now walking and he is so cute and happy with himself. So cool to just play in only a nappy!
Lovely cool day here today after lots of hot days. Great for getting things done, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Such lovely work Sylvia and lovely pics of your handsome little men,have fun on your cruise.xx

Unknown said...

Your Scandinavian Rose block is looking lovely! Good luck with your pattern writing and your busy term :)