Monday, September 8, 2014

Little ones...again

Couldn't resist showing you a few more pictures of the little people. Alice came to visit recently and Pa caught some lovely photos. She is almost 3 months old!

 We celebrated Father's day here in Australia on the weekend. On Saturday we went to a church nearby where the boys do a little music session on a Tuesday. I have never been as I work on Tuesdays so it was fun to see what they do there. They have a wonderful program of music and then have morning tea and the grown-ups even get a frothy coffee! It was a special fathers and grandfathers morning and luckily I got to come too!

We then had a lovely afternoon tea with the kids on Sunday afternoon and there was lots of cake....."more cake" (our boys love cake!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia boy Alice sure has grown ,and what a cutie she is,love the family pics,its so much fun being a grandma.xx

Smily said...

I like photos with children - their eyes are always very clear and full of life. Thank you for sharing!

Janelle said...

Lovely pics.