Friday, October 31, 2014

A little stitching

I am supposed to be stitching my Stitching on the lake things but keep getting distracted! The only stitching I did on the ship was a little bit of finishing up on this block of Scandinavian Rose. So much stitching on these blocks!!
 Before I went away I did put together my Judy's dilly bag! I had to make the stripy top a little shorter as I just didn't have enough fabric. It is all hand pieced, not paper pieced, and it was very interesting learning this technique as I hadn't done it before. Thanks Judy,  for the lessons on the cruise earlier in the year.
 Yesterday I saw a friend who had just made this lovely cushion for a special little girl. I love the felt letters and the embroidery on each letter!

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Susie said...

I'm about to start Scandinavian rose! Don't out me off. Lol.gosh really love the dilly bag. Have bought the pattern. - yet to start. Look forward to seeing more progress on your Scandinavian rose.