Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Thought it was time to post a few pictures of the grandies. Alice is almost 5 months and has found her feet to play with.

 The boys came to visit in their pjs on Saturday (it was 8am and we were in our pyjamas too!) and they enjoyed all the usual games including a ride in the office chair, some telly watching and some fun throwing cards around. They are growing up so quickly and are saying so many words too!

Not much stitching to show as there has been some secret stitching day projects to finish and kits to start!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia,Alice is so adorable and looks so cute in pink and your boys are sure growing up fast,sounds like you were having as much fun as the boys,lol.xx

Michele Hill said...

Aren't we lucky our little ones live close by Sylvia? Alice and the boys are adorable. Hugs from me xx

Show and Tell said...

Sylvia they are all so adorable, I bet your heart just melts when you look at them and that little Alice is a real doll....Lucky Grandma xx