Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More of New Zealand

It was a lovely day in Napier too. Ma and I stayed on board as we had been here before and the buses into town may have been tricky. We did enjoy the music and seeing the old cars in the afternoon as the ship sailed away.

 In Taurunga we headed off the ship for a walk and a lovely soak in the hot sea water at the Mt Maunganui Hot Salt water pools. They were quite hot! We also had a nice time wandering around in Auckland on the following day.

 We had a perfect day in the Bay of Islands but as it was a tender port, Ma and I stayed on board and relaxed! Jeni and Paul had a lovely time and went up in a helicopter!

 We had lovely companions each night for dinner. We had lots of laughs and chats with Michael, Sandra, Alan and Dorothy each night.
 We were also lucky to have Montree and Pinit as our waiters. They were so friendly and helpful and did a great job.

 A few cocktails and mocktails were enjoyed too!

 The food was amazing! Just a few of the yummy things we ate over the 2 weeks. It has been hard to get back to plain old food at home! As you can see, the desserts were a highlight.


Anonymous said...

hi Sylvia wow what a wonderful holiday i love the food ,and how nice you got to spend it with your family xx

Clare said...

Nice that you could have a lovely holiday with family. Pity I didn`t realize you had docked at Nape as I could`ve driven up to meet with you. Happy Stitching.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful food photos!!! Tauranga is my home town.....grew up around Mount Maunganui beach and those hot pools! Wonderful holiday you had with your family.

FIONA said...

Oh wow .... those desserts are amazing ... but you just took photos right? You didn't really eat them !! Looks like you all had a lovely time !

Janelle said...

Wow, you were right! Those desserts were pretty amazing! Very special indeed.